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Meet Ra-Ya: Unlimited power for developers

Ra-Ya, our development platform is the perfect place to develop any app that you need for Gary, in a simple and easy manner and creating unlimited value and multifunctionality on once device.

It is a multi-functional robot with an integrated app store that is designed for different use-cases. The skills are built by an ecosystem of developers worldwide through our easy-to-use platform, and you can enjoy and use their apps with Gary.

Join us to explore the endless solutions that will help with repetitive and boring tasks, whether in your home, business or office. 

Meet Gary

The most functional robot in the world is here.

Gary, the service robot, will perform any task you need, whether in your home, office or other business environments.

Gary the robot powered by Unlimited Robotics
Gary the service robot holds basket of fruits







Unlimited Functionalities

Designed in order to answer different tasks in your home, office or business environment.