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Gary is the most functional robot in the world

Forget everything 
you know
about robots

Unlimited Orchestration with any Robot or IoT Device

Meet Orchestra: Our fleet management system that integrates with any robot and IoT device to monitor, analyze, orchestrate and operate your robotics fleet. 

Unlimited Knowledge Center

Visit our blog, on which you will get a chance to read about the latest updates on robotics, ML, AI, and the team behind Gary and Ra-Ya

Unlimited Possibilities for Developers

 ​Ra-Ya, our development platform is the perfect place to develop any app that you need for Gary, in a simple and easy manner and creating unlimited value and multifunctionality on once device

Unlimited Healthcare Robotics for Hospitals

Gary works in hospitals and healthcare facilities and handles the logistics – cleaning, sanitizing, deliveries – so doctors and nurses can do what they do best: care for patients.

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