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Building a robot. 

With a human touch. 

We believe that building robotic apps for boring, repetitive tasks is more than just a job. It's a mission, and we’re committed to the endless journey of making this happen.

Who we are

Unlimited Robotics was established by Guy Altagar, Martin Gordon and Dr. Eli Kolberg in order to provide an alternative for boring and repetitive tasks. In addition, we wanted to solve a pain for software developers and to simplify the process of hardware development. We believe that people should get all the help they need in their homes, business or office in an affordable price, and this is why we created Gary! Oh... here's a trivia fact: Gary is named after Guy's kids: Gali, Rani and Yaeli. 

Why we do it?

Building a product is hard. Building a one-of-its-kind product, that combines software and hardware and impacts so many users, is even harder. We live for the challenge, but we also know that currently there are not so many tools that can help developers to make the magic for the robotic industry and develop what customers really need. This is why we built a framework that provides software developers with no prior experience in robotic coding, all the tools they need to build and publish applications.

We have news for you

We are constantly improving our product, and will continue to update our followers. If you want to join our growing community - you are invited to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin for more information. If you are a developer - Start by using Ra-Ya, and if you just want to say hello, please write us:

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  • What programming languages do I need to know in order to develop an app?
    It will be quite natural for people with C++ background to dive into the platform, but we built Ra-Ya so people with a background with Python or Javascript may also enjoy it. If you develop in other languages - please feel free to write to us so we can improve, and we obviously invite all developers to join our platform and start the development of robotic applications.
  • What tools do I need to develop an app?
    You can develop with our emulator tool, but you will need Gary in order to test the app before you release it to the public. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of Gary we recommend you sign up to the waiting list.
  • What does the submitting app process look like?
    We test each app that is submitted and we usually tend to be responsive and proactive regarding any improvements and if any issues come up during the validation process. If all goes well - your app will be available for any user with Gary to download and start using.
  • What is it for me?
    Monetization! Beside the happiness of seeing people worldwide enjoying your product, and impacting the lives of consumers and businesses, each app that is downloaded through Gary entitles you to be rewarded, and the plan is totally up to you (whether a one time fee, subscription based or a free app). We share the revenue with you on a 30/70 basis (30% goes to us; 70% goes to the developer).

Our road to build the impossible

We have been working hard to make the impossible - possible. It started with a team of 3 in a small lab, and grew to a full stack team of software developers, mechanical and electrical engineers, data scientists and AI, ML and computer vision professionals. We are here to deliver a top notch product. This is our journey so far, and it's only the beginning.

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