Building a robot. 

With a human touch. 

We believe that building robotic apps for boring, repetitive tasks is more than just a job. It's a mission, and we’re committed to the endless journey of making this happen.

Who we are

Unlimited Robotics was established by Guy Altagar (Check out his Linkedin), Martin Gordon (Check out his Linkedin) and Dr. Eli Kolberg (Check out his Linkedin) in order to provide an alternative for boring and repetitive tasks. In addition, we wanted to solve a pain for software developers and to simplify the process of hardware development. We believe that people should get all the help they need in their homes, business or office in an affordable price, and this is why we created Gary! Oh... here's a trivia fact: Gary is named after Guy's kids: Gali, Rani and Yaeli. 

Why we do it?

Building a product is hard. Building a one-of-its-kind product, that combines software and hardware and impacts so many users, is even harder. We live for the challenge, but we also know that currently there are not so many tools that can help developers to make the magic for the robotic industry and develop what customers really need. This is why we built a framework that provides software developers with no prior experience in robotic coding, all the tools they need to build and publish applications.

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We have news for you

We are constantly improving our product, and will continue to update our followers. If you want to join our growing community - you are invited to follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin for more information. If you are a developer - Start by using Ra-Ya, and if you just want to say hello, please write us:

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Frequently asked questions

How big is Gary?

Gary is the size of a 10 year old kid. He is 140cm (4'5’’) tall, 50cm (~19’’) width and depth, and can enter any room and work smoothly indoors. Soon he will also be able to climb stairs if you have some in your home and also travel outside.

What can Gary do?

Gary was designed to perform so many different activities, whether in a home environment, an office or other businesses like hotels, restaurants, barbershops, nursing homes, hospitals, stores, warehouses and many more. The app market allows you to choose the relevant apps you want, and pay accordingly based on the price set by the developer of such an app. Don’t worry, we also aspire to keep the prices reasonable and fair. Oh… you can download as many apps as you want. Gary is a multi-task robot.

When will Gary be available?

We will start the delivery process to the people who joined the waiting list Spring time 2022 (most likely during March or April). In order to buy Gary to your home, office or business, please sign-up to the waiting list. We have a limited number of robots in this cohort, so without registering we will not be able to ship it.

How much does Gary cost?

For consumers who joined the waiting list, Gary costs US$ 99/month. You can ask to stop your subscription any time, provided that a basic commitment of 60 months is charged if you want to cancel it prior to such time. Please note that any apps on Gary can be either on a ‘’free’’ mode or on a ‘’paid’’ mode. If you chose a paid app, such price is added to the monthly subscription that you pay for the Robot. The price of a paid app is set by the developer of the app, but we aspire to make all rates affordable and reasonable so you can enjoy as many functionalities as possible on the same robot.

How can I buy it?

You will need to register to the waiting list on our website for a US$ 99 which will be deducted from the first payment once we contact you for the full order so we can deliver Gary to your home or office. Please note that currently, Gary is available for pre-sale and shipping only to the U.S. and Canada. We will begin shipping internationally shortly.

Is Gary safe for use?

Safety and privacy are our top priorities! We take it very seriously. Gary is designed by engineers, and goes through the stickiest quality assurance processes in order to enable you to enjoy it peacefully with your family, colleagues at work or clients in your business or office, without worrying about your safety or privacy invasion.

Can I refer my friends?

Yes. Please contact us at and introduce us to your friends and colleagues who are interested in joining the waiting list, and you will get 1 month of subscription for FREE! (that’s US$ 99, but the pleasure of having your friends using Gary will create much bigger benefits for you).

What are the key specifications of Gary?

Gary is a service robot in motion, with varied skills to perform potentially any task. You can learn more about his specifications here.

How can Gary improve my day-to-day life?

Whether in the office, at home or in your business - We are sure that you can use someone's assistant. This is why we built Gary: To provide the service you need, based on your personal needs. You can download into Gary any app that was developed by others (like you do in your mobile device) and start using it to improve your life and give you time to do other things. If you are at home - Gary can help with the cleaning, washing, oranziging and more; If you are in your office - Gary can help with deliveries, moving stuff around (like mail) and cleaning it. In a nutshell - Gary is the perfect personal assistant.

What happens if I have more questions?

That’s perfectly fine. We have a support center working 24/7 with our engineers (humans, not robots) that will be happy to help. Just send us a note to and one of our team members will respond shortly. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin for more information, news and updates.

Our road to build the impossible

We have been working hard to make the impossible - possible. It started with a team of 3 in a small lab, and grew to a full stack team of software developers, mechanical and electrical engineers, data scientists and AI, ML and computer vision professionals. We are here to deliver a top notch product. This is our journey so far, and it's only the beginning.