I am Gary.

All-in-one service robot.

We believe that in your spare time - you should do what you love. If you were looking for a solution to ease your day-to-day challenge, you just found the most functional robot in the world.

Why Gary?

When we designed Gary, we decided to create a solution that is constantly changing and is meeting the needs of our customers. Therefore, Gary can do (potentially) anything. How? Because it has an internal app market, in which you can download the relevant app and get the services you need. Look at your mobile: it has an app store, but can it water your plants or throw the garbage? Gary can! 

Unlimited Applications

Just like a mobile device, we wanted to offer a variety of functions on Gary. This is why we designed Gary so you can install different apps that will help you with your day-to-day challenges. Some of those services potentially include the following activities:

Taking out the laundry

Picking toys from the floor

Cleaning the toilet sit


Working with a dishwasher


Bringing Casual Items

Bringing drinks, snacks

Watering the plants

Schedule activities

Washing the floor

Cleaning windows

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How powerful are Miga Shape Memory Alloy Actuators?

As you can see in the movie (here), a DM01 actuator weighing only 0.7 ounces can easily heft a 7 pound bowling ball; almost 160 times it's own weight. That's the equivalent of a 200 pound man lifting 32-thousand pounds: the weight of a loaded cement truck!

What provides the motion/force of Shape Memory Actuators?

Miga motors harness the power of Nickel-Titanium 'muscle wires' that contract when they are heated with electrical current. Because these special wires remember their original shape, they are called Memory Metal or Shape Memory Alloy wire

Why should I use a Miga memory metal actuator instead of a solenoid?

Solenoids (and, in fact, every other motor in the world) are much heavier than Miga memory metal actuators for comparable force output. Solenoids are also ON/OFF devices, and do not have speed, force, or position control; all of which are possible with Miga motors. Miga shape memory actuators also produce a constant force throughout the entire stroke, while the output force of a solenoid drops dramatically after the first 10% of motion.

Why should I use a Miga memory metal actuator instead of an electric motor?

Motors are, by design, rotary devices. Translating rotation into linear motion is less efficient than the direct linear motion provided by Miga 'muscle wire' actuators, and also requires gearboxes and linkages. Miga shape memory actuators are linear by design and most appropriate for linear motion.

What applications are appropriate for Miga muscle wire actuators?

Any application where compact, silent, non-magnetic, electrically driven, high force, linear motion is desired. These applications would include robotics, scientific and laboratory instruments, home and office automation, hobby, automotive, medical, and aerospace.

How long do Miga memory metal actuators take to actuate?

The 'S125' actuates in less than 0.12-seconds when powered with 5 volts. With higher voltages they can operate much more quickly: faster than 50ms at 24 volts. By controlling the power applied to a Miga shape memory actuator, the actuation can be carefully tuned to many specific applications.

How do I operate Miga's shape memory actuators?

Connect a battery or power supply capable of supplying several amps (see data sheets) between the actuator ground (black wire) and power line (red wire). It is safest to start with low voltages, and increase the voltage to a level appropriate for the desired speed. Voltages above 12V are capable of damaging (overheating) the wire, so limit switches or other power cutoff circuitry such as Miga's MADv5 must be used to protect the actuator. Miga is also working on a miniature, micro-controller-based, integrated controller modules that will safely power our actuators. We will add the controller to our site as soon as it becomes commercially available.

Can I use AC power?

Yes. Either AC or DC power can be used.

Can shape memory actuators be used in high vacuum or high cleanliness applications?

Yes. Miga memory metal actuators are constructed entirely out of high strength engineering thermoplastics and stainless steel. Unlike motors or solenoids, no lubricants or greases are required. (Special orders are required to ensure that only vacuum approved materials are used.)

How long will Miga shape memory actuators last?

All of our shape memory devices are designed for more than 100,000 cycles. When used properly, they will provide millions of cycles of operation.

Do muscle wire devices make noise when actuated, the way motors or solenoids do?

No. A phase transition in the shape memory metal powers the actuators, and occurs without any sound. Compared to "whirring" motors or "clunking" solenoids, Miga shape memory actuators are totally silent: perfect for applications where quiet operation is desired.

What temperature range can the memory metal devices withstand?

The shape memory phase transition begins at roughly 72˚C (162˚F), then needs to cool below roughly 65˚C (150˚F) to return fully to the un-powered position. They can operate below -20˚C (-4˚F), and even at liquid nitrogen temperatures.

Would Miga build custom actuators for my application?

Yes. Miga owns numerous patents for these devices, and has a staff of highly experienced engineers. Special products could include: different stroke and force outputs, custom mounting configurations, body materials, colors, and logos, custom output shaft features, vacuum compatibility, etc. Please contact us for additional information.

Unlimited possibilities in one robot

We designed Gary to include as many functionalities as possible to help you, and to empower consumers to free their time from on-going tasks.

This is what happens inside of Gary:

Depth cameras w/ night vision capabilities, +20 sensors, an HD multi-touch screen & a powerful computer are the perfect combination that allows us to deliver any application you can only dream about.

Communicating with a robotic device has never been so easy. A unique interaction LED orchestra & powerful speakers that will enable Gary to interact with users in an intuitive and very friendly way.

Gary’s arms, which include smart sensors & a depth camera, were carefully designed to support and enable the performance of as many functions as possible, including picking up heavy materials, boxes, toys and even to bring you coffee to the table.

Gary’s 4 omni wheels, supported by Brushless DC motors and stable chassis, produce an ability to move up to 1.5 meters per second, to perform various maneuvers indoors, all in a stable, frictionless ride.

How can we help you?

When we built Gary we wanted to impact and improve the lives of our customers. This is why our team of engineers and supporters is here for you 24/7 for any question or feedback.


Need help? No worries! Contact us at hello@unlimited-robotics.com and one of our team members will respond shortly. You can also follow us on Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin for more information, news and updates.

What programming languages do I need to know in order to develop an app?

It will be quite natural for people with C++ background to dive into the platform, but we built Ra-Ya so people with a background with Python or Javascript may also enjoy it. If you develop in other languages - please feel free to write to us so we can improve, and we obviously invite all developers to join our platform and start the development of robotic applications.

What tools do I need to develop an app?

You can develop with our emulator tool, but you will need Gary in order to test the app before you release it to the public. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of Gary we recommend you sign up to the waiting list.

What does the submitting app process look like?

We test each app that is submitted and we usually tend to be responsive and proactive regarding any improvements and if any issues come up during the validation process. If all goes well - your app will be available for any user with Gary to download and start using.

What is it for me?

Monetization! Beside the happiness of seeing people worldwide enjoying your product, and impacting the lives of consumers and businesses, each app that is downloaded through Gary entitles you to be rewarded, and the plan is totally up to you (whether a one time fee, subscription based or a free app). We share the revenue with you on a 30/70 basis (30% goes to us; 70% goes to the developer).


Still feel you need help? No worries! Contact us at developers@unlimited-robotics.com and one of our team members will respond shortly. You can also visit our Developers Center for more information.