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The perfect employee for your business is here. 

Gary, our service robot, can help any business owner with day-to-day activities in the business or office, while reducing the operational costs and optimizing the business performance. 

Gary for business

When we designed Gary, we thought about all those times in which business owners are stuck with lack of labor, with unorganized way of work in the office, with operational waste. We decided to create a robot, that is powered by app market for businesses and offices, that will provide the optimal solution for business needs. When it comes to cleaning, hosting, bringing objects from one place to another, and any repetitive job - Gary is the perfect employee or team member. Save your spot to get it first. 

Unlimited Functionalities for your business. Fully automated. 

We designed Gary to help any business or office manager to get the services they need. Some of those services potentially include the following activities:




Sport stadiums


Country Club


Shopping malls