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Blueprint for success

This robot transfers the blueprints of a new building directly onto the floor of the construction site.

Building is still largely analog even with 3D printing and other modern technologies. Nevertheless, the latest robot from HP shows that there is still room for some digital advancements among the wood, glass, and concrete.

SitePrint, a compact, autonomous robot that rolls around a construction site and prints the layout directly onto the floor, was just introduced by HP. Construction teams won't have to spend as much time or effort on the manual process. It’s a rugged little robot that’s aware enough to avoid objects while drawing plans from the cloud-based software smoothly and accurately onto multiple surfaces.

According to HP, it can be difficult to find layout specialists and even the best can occasionally make mistakes. The SitePrint can present a more readily available and time-saving option for construction projects.

To ensure the robot maintains accuracy while sketching out plans, HP teamed up with Leica Geosystems to develop a link between the SitePrint and a Robotic Total Station. Additionally, the business has developed a number of inks that can be used to print on a variety of surfaces, take into account environmental factors, and adhere to durability standards. The robot has been put to the test in 80 pilot projects for use in parking, airports, hospitals, and homes.

Before HP makes SitePrint more widely and commercially available in 2023, it will be made available to North American customers as part of an early access program later this year.



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