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Drop The Gimmicks!

Updated: Jul 3, 2022

Once robotic companies drop the silly gimmicks and focus on the product, they can do amazing things.

We have all seen robots that can make you an ice cream cone or pour you a cup of coffee (and if you haven't, you probably never visited japan). But unfortunately, these human-like robots are usually just a gimmick, and they seem to take forever to prepare your order. You would be much better off ordering from a skilled human worker.

However, once companies decide to shed off the gimmicks and focus on functionality, we start to see where robots could be better than humans. Well, maybe “better” is a strong word, but definitely faster than humans.

Take “E-Vino” restaurant in Tokyo, Japan, which uses the world's first automated pasta cooking robot, developed in collaboration with TechMagic Inc. Instead of having a gimmicky humanoid robot to prepare the pasta, it has a fully automated kitchen that can prepare a world-class pasta dish in under a minute! In fact, when working on all cylinders, it can deliver up to 90 meals an hour! But don’t mistake it for a fast-food robot. The “P-Robo,” as it’s called, makes a wide variety of pasta dishes, all made to very high standards and cooked to perfection. It cooks the pasta, prepares the sauce, and even washes the pots and pans after each use, keeping the kitchen clean and hygienic. When the dish is done, a human chef finishes up the dish with all the proper toppings and garnishes. And If you are wondering how the pasta is cooked in about 45 seconds, the P-Robo cooks in a specially developed deep frying pan using high-powered induction. Plus, it always uses freshly made pasta, which only needs a short cooking time.

Like many other recent robotic solutions, this Automatic kitchen is arriving in response to the coronavirus outbreak, Which left a lot of businesses under-staffed and increased the demand for safer, more hygienic food preparation techniques.

People don't want Gimmicks, They want Service



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