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Employee Spotlight: Eszter Kollar

We want you to know the team behind Gary and Ra-Ya. So this week's spotlight goes to a team member that is leading our design: from ideation to research and execution. She decided to join us and bring her multidisciplinary approach and the wide range of products she built. Meet Eszter, our head of design.

  • What is your Name?: Eszter Kollar

  • What is your position in Unlimited Robotics? I'm head of the design team at Unlimited Robotics. I'm designing, executing, and building robots in the physical aspects and creating human-robot collaboration

  • What did you study? I studied Industrial Design BA and MA, I also studied sculpture. I'm planning to study more, I believe we should never stop studying.

  • Why did you want to work in robotics? I think robotics is a fascinating field, where while we are creating the future, all kinds of expertise need to come together as a team to solve some of the most complicated issues in the industry...

  • What are you working on Today? I'm developing O2 a new consumer robot that will help people in many households and I'm also assisting in finishing up Gary to be ready for its clients.

  • How do you take your coffee? Upside down:) (This is what a cappuccino is called in Israel)

  • If we sent Gary over to your house Today, what is the first thing you would like him to help you with? I personally really hate washing the dishes and organizing the apartment. I find it repetitive, utterly boring, and time-consuming. I wish Gary would come and do it for me so I can spend my time on things that truly matter to me instead.

  • What is your favorite robot in pop culture? Wall-E <3.

  • What food makes you happy? Italian, Thai, Mexican, and Hungarian.

  • Where do you see Gary in five years?

I see Gary in many hospitals, health care institutions, schools, and hotels in Israel and the USA helping people and improving millions of lives. I see Gary collaborating with humans effectively, teaching them how to make the best out of this new world. I also see Gary encouraging developers to create more and more new and useful functionalities that we cannot even think of today.



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