Employee Spotlight: Michal Leschinsky

We want you to know the team behind Gary and Ra-Ya. So this week's spotlight goes a team member that started as a designer and since then, has changed her path to product management: Michal.

  • What is your Name?: Michal Leschinsky

  • What is your position in Unlimited Robotics? Product Manager

  • What did you study? Industrial Design

  • Why did you want to work in robotics? It is clear that robots, and smart objects in general, are becoming more and more incorporated into our lives. I wanted to represent the users during the development process of such products, and make sure the design and execution benefit the users and give them value.

  • What are you working on Today? Today I am interviewing patients in a radiotherapy department in one of the largest hospitals in Israel in order to frame the value our robot, Gary can provide them. In addition to that, I am preparing a demo for one of the apps we are developing for this hospital.

  • How do you take your coffee? I don’t drink coffee, I am an energetic person and I am fully awake the second my alarm clock goes off.

  • If we sent Gary over to your house Today, what is the first thing you would like him to help you with? I would love for Gary to water the plants! with the exact amount of water appropriate for each plant and at the exact timing.

  • What is your favorite robot in pop culture? Tars from Interstellar is a great robot, very functional and industrial but with a wide range of human-like personality features that can be modified by the user.

  • What food makes you happy? Very unsophisticated, but my favorite food is cornflakes.

  • Where do you see Gary in five years?

I see Gary assisting staff, patients, and guests in hospitals and hotels, relieving the workload of everyday tasks and allowing people to spend more time on what they do best- interpersonal care and communication. I see Gary offering many various apps, developed by independent developers using RA-YA.


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