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Employee Spotlight: Raam Kavod

We want you to know the team behind Gary and Ra-Ya. This week spotlight goes to one of our favorites: The one and only - Raam.

  • What is your Name?: Raam Kavod

  • What is your position in Unlimited Robotics? Integration & Verification.

  • What did you study? B.Sc in Electrical & Computer Engineering at Ben Gurion University.

  • Why did you want to work in robotics? As a typical Electrical Engineering student I didn’t know what my “dream job” would be. Each field is fascinating, but there are so many options. I applied to every possible student position, went to interviews and the decision was very clear. Even though Unlimited Robotics was a 10 people Start-up company, I was attracted by the challenge and the complexity of the world of robotics.

  • What are you working on Today? I am taking part in the planning of the next electrical version of GARY with the Electrical team. In addition, the Electrical team and I plan the design of a QA/QC system and integrating new electrical components to the new version of GARY.

  • How do you take your coffee? If there is a coffee machine at hand, espresso. If not, black coffee ,no sugar please.

  • If we sent Gary over to your house today, what is the first thing you would like him to help you with? I would like him to dust and clean my house. I live in Beer Sheva, a city in the desert, so the dust is everywhere no matter how much we clean.

  • What is your favorite robot in pop culture? Chappie from the movie “Chappie”. An innocent system with a unique connection to its creator. A great movie about a great robot. Despite the popular idea of creating a violent robot that somehow becomes good (Android16 of DBZ or Vision of Marvel Studios), he was created for good and evolved in a fascinating journey.

  • What food makes you happy? Traditional Sushi or Nigiri with a little bit of soy sauce and ginger.

  • Where do you see Gary in five years?

I see GARY changing the world in a similar way as Android did, but on a larger scale.

Ask yourself how the world was before the “App store” and after the “App store”. If you will ask yourself the same question in five years from now, but instead of “App store”, think of GARY and RAYA, I assure you that you will notice that the concept will be the same, but the impact will be much greater.



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