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Hospitals Need Robots

Robots are coming to help the healthcare system, and they are ready to work day and night tirelessly.

The first line of defense in the battle against pandemics is made up of nurses, physicians, and other medical professionals who are not only required to care for ill patients but also run the danger of being sick themselves. Unfortunately, a large number of medical professionals have contracted COVID-19, and many of them have sadly passed away.

If there is one thing we learned from this latest global pandemic is that the healthcare system is not prepared. Our nurses and doctors could use all the help they could get, but unfortunately, there are not enough workers or volunteers to help ease the work stress.

Luckily - The robots are coming, and they are ready to work day and night tirelessly. The leading problem doctors and nurses are facing today is being overworked; They are expected to take care of many administrative tasks, as well as keep the medicine cabinets stacked and the rooms tidy, all while taking care of the patients. Robots can take care of most repetitive and boring jobs, freeing the nurses and doctors to focus on the most important thing - making people feel better.

Humanoid robots can make the beds, restock the medicine cabinets, take blood samples to the lab, bring fresh linen, clean the floors, and, when needed, also serve as Telepresence droids for the medical staff. The COVID-19 pandemic illustrated how important it is to allow doctors and nurses to stay in touch with patients while keeping a safe distance.

Undoubtedly, the healthcare system needs a lot of helping hands and fast! But, whether these hands be human or robotic - is not relevant.



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