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I am not here to replace you

A little over a year ago, Gary was just an idea floating in the heads of three entrepreneurs. Today, he is already roaming the halls of Beilinson hospital in one of Israel's most prominent and best-known medical centers. Once Gary finishes his initial set-up, He will start working full time at the hospital alongside the existing staff, helping them in any way they need.

Gary will be able to perform a wide variety of tasks currently being conducted by the human staff, but that does not mean he will be replacing any of them. Instead, Gary’s job is to make life easier for the humans around him, performing tasks they don’t want to do.

Think of a nurse’s job 30 years ago; when a patient would come to see her, she had to go through the process of taking all his vitals manually. That meant sitting with a watch, counting the heartbeats to determine the patient’s pulse, then using a thermometer to find their temperature. Then she had to use a blood pressure cuff etc. Today, with advances in technology, she can take all these measurements automatically using one machine. This machine frees her to other, more important tasks, making the entire process faster, more efficient, and more reliable.

Gary is here to fulfill the same purpose but on a whole new level. He takes over all the Mondaine, boring, repetitive, and sometimes dangerous tasks that clutter the staff's workday: getting rid of used sheets and bringing fresh new ones, cleaning the toilets and floors, sanitizing rooms with UV lights, making sure cabinets are always fully stacked, disposing of medical waste, etc. Gary can even function as a mobile information kiosk, helping visitors navigate the hospital and leading them from one area to the next.

Gary can work 24-hour shifts, only needing to stop to recharge occasionally, while a fleet of robots can work continuously around the clock, helping the human staff keep the hospital running smoothly.

So Gary is already here, and he is here to help. Allowing the doctors and nurses to focus on what’s really important while he takes care of the jobs no one else wants to do.



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