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My friend, the robot.

Older adults in Cyprus get a robotic friend to keep them company and keep track of their mental health

During the coronavirus outbreak, elderly individuals both in Cyprus and overseas felt more alone than ever. According to studies, their lack of social engagement accelerated their cognitive impairment.

James, a clever robotic house assistant, can identify any decline in elderly individuals' cognitive capacities and even prevent it With the help of entertaining games, quizzes, and workouts.

The robot is equipped with a movement sensor, allowing users to program it to notify them if there hasn't been any movement for a predetermined period of time.

James is presently undergoing his third field trial, and the finished product is scheduled to go on sale in the first quarter of 2023. There are already six of these robots on the island, and more than 70 people from Cyprus as well as Romania, Italy, and Belgium have tested the system.

Overall, testers said that operating the robot's tablet was simple and fun.

When the robot is in standby mode, you can activate it by saying "Hello James," at which point it will return the greeting and the user can begin speaking to the robotic helper.

James will be available for hire after the project is finished, with a monthly subscription. The robot costs 10,000 euros.



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