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Programming Robots - It’s THAT Simple!

Updated: Jun 29, 2022

Even if you have never programmed a robot before - it’s much easier than you think.

What is the world's most important language? Is it English? Maybe Chinese or Spanish? I would argue that while all languages are important and allow you to communicate with billions of people worldwide, the honest answer is code.

Coding is the language that lies beneath the surface of our modern world. It makes everything run, from smartphones to traffic lights to the banking system - everything relies on code. That is why it’s no surprise that more and more people, especially young people, choose to learn code.

However, coding for computer systems is very different from coding for robots. Computer systems float in cyberspace and consistently operate in the same reliable way. On the other hand, robots live in the real world, where there are physics, gravity, and temperature. If you ask a computer character in a video game to walk forward, it does so without any problem; it just glides on the X-axis while displaying a “walking” animation. A robot must fight the laws of physics to move its body across the floor. Gravity, friction, barometric pressure - all these things must be considered while writing a robot's code.

For that reason, many developers are hesitant even to start writing code for robots as they believe it is much more complicated than writing computer software. Well, we are here to tell you - It’s not! If you know a little bit of python, you’re set!

Ra-Ya is a coding platform that enables anyone with basic coding skills to start developing apps for actual robots. Yes, even if you have never programmed a robot in your life. Ra-Ya was designed from the ground up for use with robots, so it takes all these pesky Physics calculations out of the developer's hands, and it does it automatically. So all the developer has to do is focus on the app itself. With this platform, developing an app for a robot is as easy as creating an app for a smartphone.

There is one significant difference, though - getting a smartphone to run your new app on is easy. But where are you going to get a robot? How will you be able to test your new app? That is why Ra-Ya comes with an integrated emulator; A physics-based, real-time 3d environment for developers to test their apps, whether it’s a simulated home environment, a hospital hallway, a grocery store, or a hotel room. The emulator allows developers to run, test, and tweak their app until it runs as smoothly as possible. You can even 3D model your own home and start developing apps that will benefit you personally.

For more information about Ra-Ya, you can visit the ‘developers’ section on our website:



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