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Robot Boxing is here!

This robot will help you become a better boxer. And his punches can't hurt you!

I recently finished playing "Cyberpunk 2077", an excellent video game set in a cyberpunk future. (yes, it's fantastic now, they fixed all the bugs, you should really give it a second try) During the very early stages of the game, you get introduced to a boxing coach that offers you free boxing lessons against his humanoid robot. This robot can adjust itself according to your abilities and change the speed and force at which it throws punches. Like countless other things in the game, the sparring robot seemed like some distant technological dream only possible in a science fiction video game; however, I recently discovered that it is very much a reality.

The RXT-1 Striking Robot is the world's first sparring and boxing robot that strikes back in real-time. It can throw jabs, crosses, and hooks while absorbing the punches coming at it. Using a 4.5" LED touchscreen, you can adjust the speed and complexity with which the robot throws its punches. But don't worry; even if it hits you on the highest sparring level, the punches never hurt. The robot has three modes: Learning mode, Combination mode, and sparring mode. In the learning mode, the robot takes it as easy and as slowly as you want, allowing you to learn the basics at your own pace. In the combination mode, you ask the robot to repeat certain combinations so you can practice them over and over, building up your muscle memory. Finally, in sparring mode, the robot throws random punches, requiring you to react and counter in real-time.

This is just another demonstration of how robots can improve our lives and help us stay healthy and mentally engaged while also keeping us safe.



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