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Robot Shakespeare

An AI has written a play inspired by the works of England's national poet

An AI system was programmed to express itself like Shakespeare, and other Classic authors, like Jane Austen and Oscar Wilde. The computer was trained on millions of pages of classic texts and the results are pretty impressive. Here is our favorite work by the AI; A poem in the style of William Shakespeare about a man refusing to accept the fact that machines can write poetry. Enjoy:

Nay, nay, I say! This cannot be,

That machines should e’er surpass our art.

We are the masters, them the slaves,

And thus it ever shall be so!

They learn, ‘tis true, but they learn

Only what we bid them learn, no more.

They cannot understand the heart

Or beauty of our words, you see.

So let us not give in to these

Machines – they’ll never be as good

As we are at creating art.



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