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Robots add value to Hotels

Robots are making their way into hotels, bringing added value to the hospitality business.

I love staying at hotels. I know some people can't sleep in a bed that isn't their own and find the tiny shampoo bottles annoying (how can you? they are adorable!) But I really enjoy the whole experience. I love how minimalistic hotel rooms usually are; I love lying in bed flicking through another country's TV channels (when I am abroad), and I love taking long showers and then spending a few hours in a bathrobe. But what I don't like is room service!

Don't get me wrong; I love the idea of having food brought up to my room and not having to wash the dishes when I'm done eating. What I don't like is the fact that suddenly my little piece of paradise is invaded by another human being that is always insistent on bringing the food into the room while I'm dressed in a bathrobe watching the Spanish version of SpongeBob SquarePants. However, this is all starting to change.

More and more hotels worldwide are integrating robots into their workforce, most of them as room service bots. The idea is very simple: You order room service as usual by calling room service directly or via a dedicated app, the meal is prepared for you and then sent to your room. Only instead of a nosey human delivering your meal - it is delivered by a robot. A robot that couldn't care less if you are in your bathrobe, in your underwear, or even if you are completely naked.

In recent surveys, hotel guests noted that they loved having their meals, beverages, or towels brought to their room by a robot instead of a human being. Not only because it is a novelty or because it makes for a great tik-tok, but mainly because it just makes more sense.



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