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Robots are man's NEW best friend

CES 2023 was surprisingly packed with robotic pets! Here are some of our favorite ones shown.

Robotic pets are not a new concept. We still have fond memories of AIBO, sony’s robot-dog, that was available for purchase all the way back in 1999. Well, it seems he might have been ahead of his time because At CES 2023, the consumer electronics conference in Las Vegas, several new robot pets were showcased that are set to change the way we think about robotic companionship.

One of the most notable robot pets on display at the show was Dog-E. This adorable robot dog comes with over 1 million possible combinations of sounds, lights and personality traits, making each one unique. With its realistic movements and expressive features, Dog-E is designed to be a realistic substitute for a real pet. It's a great option for families who want a pet but don't have the time or space for a real one. Dog-E (which, you have to admit, is a great name for a robotic dog) comes with its own dedicated app that allows you to interact with the Robo-pup, feed it, name it, teach it new tricks, and a whole lot more. Dog-E will be available for purchase this fall and will only cost 80$

Another robot pet that caught our attention at CES 2023 was Pyxel, the coding pup. Pyxel is a robot dog that aims to be both fun and educational. It is designed to teach kids ages eight and up to code through the use of Google’s kid-friendly “Blockly” language and the more advanced Python. With Pyxel's accompanying app, kids can make their robotic dog perform tricks such as sitting, speaking, and shaking paws, as well as move around and light up in various colors. This toy can be a great way to introduce kids to coding and programming and potentially foster an interest in computer science. While it is not clear if it is an essential addition to a child's toy collection, it could be a good investment for parents who want to give their children a head start in the field of computer science. Pyxel is set to go on sale this spring through Amazon and Educational Insights' website for $125.

There were a few other robot pets shown during the show, but the one that grabbed the most attention was probably Loona - a smart robot pet that is perfect for those looking to enhance their smart home. Developed by KEYi TECH, this adorable pet bot comes equipped with a 3D camera and edge sensors, as well as face detection and object recognition features for better interactions with its owners and other pets. Loona can respond to verbal commands and gestures with the help of its four microphones and touch sensors, which can also be custom-set through a dedicated app. With its emotive digital eyes, Loona can express a wide range of emotions and is also outfitted to serve as a home security and monitoring system. Loona, which has already raised over $3 million USD on Kickstarter, is now available on IndieGoGo for $359 USD and will be available on KEYi TECH's website.

In conclusion, robots are becoming an increasingly important part of our lives, and their capabilities are expanding at a rapid pace. As we continue to see advancements in robotics and AI, we can expect to see more and more robots being used as companions and pets. Whether it's a robot dog to keep us company, a coding pup to help our children learn, or a humanoid helper to assist with daily tasks, robots are quickly becoming man's new best friend.



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