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Robots on Patrol

This cheap and versatile robot will keep an eye on your property.

A small, Switzerland-based company named "Ascento Robotics" is proving that robots can be cheap while doing their job better than a human can. Their security bot, which looks like someone glued a camera to a pair of bicycle wheels, proves to be a very competent little robot that helps keep your property safe from intruders.

While balancing on two large wheels, the robot combines AI with human decision-making. It can patrol a large area without any human intervention, checking for intruders and ensuring every gate stays nice and closed. It can function during the day and night under most weather conditions. If it notices suspicious activity, it notifies the security guard while streaming a live video and audio feed.

At this point, the security guard may take complete control of the robot to examine the suspicious activity from a safe distance, and he can even use two-way communication to speak with whoever wondered where they shouldn't have.

With robots on patrol, you can feel safer knowing someone has an eye on your property 24/7.

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