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The #1 choice for your robotics fleet management system.

Meet Orchestra: The only robot fleet platform that makes it easy to operate, integrate and maintain your robots in dynamic, changing and busy environments.

Operate & manage your robots in a dynamic environment

Not just in production floors. Today - Any business can use different robotic devices to maintain, operate and improve its performance. With Orchestra, you can manage ANY type of device to do ANY type of activity, and the great thing: YOU DON'T HAVE TO CHANGE ANYTHING IN YOUR BUSINESS!
No more "new" infrastructre, No more "planning" that takes years and cost a fortune. 

Welcome to the revolution: Fleet Management in a changing, dynamic environment. 

Any device. Any mission. One click. Operational optimization.

The new work force in your business includes robots. Orchestra, powered by the technology of Unlimited Robotics, empowers you to manage your workforce in a simple, easy manner and get the best results from your fleet. It does not matter if you planned it in advance, or you integrated devices into your business to improve it - If you need a controlling system, that analyze, manage, monitor and improve the tasks taken by the robots in your changing, dynmic environment of your business - We have the solution for you. 

Collaboration has never been simpler

Changing the infrastructure of an already exsisting business is challenging, and sometimes even impossible. On the same time, businesses are looking for robotic solutions to optimize their performance and improve their results. This conflict creates an almost impossible situation: You have to either freeze your business or do it simultaneously to integrate automatic infrastructure so robots will be able to help you. No more. 

Orchestra was built excatly for this purpose. 

One click. Many devices. Robot agnostic. No infrastructure headaches. Simple and effective. 

How can we help you?

We know. It may sound complicated at first, but this is why we created Orchestra: to simplify the process of managing the new work force in your business. 

Our Fleet Management Blog

Read our latest news, updates, and articles about they ways to manage your robots in your business

  • What programming languages do I need to know in order to develop an app?
    It will be quite natural for people with C++ background to dive into the platform, but we built Ra-Ya so people with a background with Python or Javascript may also enjoy it. If you develop in other languages - please feel free to write to us so we can improve, and we obviously invite all developers to join our platform and start the development of robotic applications.
  • What tools do I need to develop an app?
    You can develop with our emulator tool, but you will need Gary in order to test the app before you release it to the public. If you want to enjoy all the benefits of Gary we recommend you sign up to the waiting list.
  • What does the submitting app process look like?
    We test each app that is submitted and we usually tend to be responsive and proactive regarding any improvements and if any issues come up during the validation process. If all goes well - your app will be available for any user with Gary to download and start using.
  • What is it for me?
    Monetization! Beside the happiness of seeing people worldwide enjoying your product, and impacting the lives of consumers and businesses, each app that is downloaded through Gary entitles you to be rewarded, and the plan is totally up to you (whether a one time fee, subscription based or a free app). We share the revenue with you on a 30/70 basis (30% goes to us; 70% goes to the developer).


Still feel you need help? No worries! Contact us at and one of our team members will respond shortly. 

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- 1 team member

- Up to 3 tasks

- Pre defined task management
- Standard Analytics

- Per device

-Billed Annually



- 3 team members

- Up to 7 tasks

- Active task Management
- Calendar sync

- Standard Analytics

- Per device

-Billed Annually



- Unlimited team members

- Unlimited tasks

- Active task Management
- Calendar sync

- Account Management

- Premium Analytics

- HIPAA Compliance

- Per device

 Manage Your Robots 

Orchestra empowers you to manage, operate and monitor virtually any robotic device from any device, while providing secured and powerful communications among all the robotic devices on your premise or business.

Optimize Your 


Monitor your robots in real time, and manage all your devices on the same platform, remotely or on premise, automatically or manually, while improving the performance and status of each mission assigned to your new work force.  

Grow Your


Orchestra is a device agnostic platform, that empowers all your robots to communicate under the same standards and coordination while giving you the control to use them to perform new tasks, and grow your business. 

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