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Unlimited power in one App

The UR App helps you to communicate with Gary, and to instruct him on his next task, all in a personal and friendly way. Offer any task you want him to perform, and the community will develop it for you and others. 

Doing together.

More than ever.

We are on a mission to create a better, more productive environment. This is one of the reasons we created Gary. If you are looking for a solution that still has not been developed to answer your needs - please contact us, so we (and the community of our developers) can help you and others feeling the same.

Easy. Functional.


Each customer has different needs. We totally understand it, and this is why we built Gary to offer as many applications as possible, while each user chooses the app that fits his or her needs.


The UR App is simple to use, with an easy on-boarding process, and a friendly help center and support to be there at your side when you need us.

Be the first to enjoy Gary for only $99
Forget everything
you know about robots

Gary is a game changer and was built to unite developers and consumers everywhere into a single platform on which consumers can describe their needs, and the community develop it quickly and easily, on one robotic platfo.
So - welcome home.
Ready to join the journey?

The Unlimited Robotics App

UR App gives you an amazing communication experience, whether you are at your home, in your business or at the office. Gary starts with mapping the environment and learning the location of the rooms and strategic places indoors. Once you connect it to your app, you can operate and communicate with Gary, based on the applications that are relevant for you. This way, Gary can help you in a functional and effective manner.

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