Simplifying robotic programming, for everyone.

Meet Ra-Ya: A platform that empowers software developers to build any application on Gary, the company's service robot, even without prior experience in robotic programming.

Democratizing robots’ development

From now - you don't have to know robotic programming to build robotic apps. With Ra-Ya, it's easy to build a wide range of applications on Gary, exactly as you are developing for mobile or web. Creating an app for a robot has never been easier: From helping people with disabilities to cleaning and hospitality applications in hotels, nursing homes and restaurants - You can create your own app that will help users worldwide.


Ra-Ya empowers software developers to build any robot application and improve the lives of different users, in one coding platform.


Build solutions that are designed for varied problems, and get paid for each usage, whether on a monthly or yearly basis, every time a user downloads your application.


With a strong community that contributes to each other, we are on an on-going journey to support the members with a wide set of documentation and APIs.

Tomorrow is now. Innovation starts here.

No more challenges in the process of robotic application development. Until today, software developers have built applications mostly to web and mobile devices, and now they can create applications for robots faster and easily in a simple development process. Start building robotic applications on our emulator, even before your get Gary, and create the world of tomorrow. 

The only limit is your imagination

You have an idea that can be solved with an autonomous robotic activity? Great! Nothing should stop you. With Ra-Ya you can develop any robotic application on Gary and impact the lives of millions. Visit our App Portal and check what our users want to have as a service.  

Build the tomorrow

with our SDK

Try Ra-Ya for free and collaborate with other developers around the world to build better solutions for different industries. No prior experience in robotic development is needed.

Thank you! We will be in touch with you

How can we help you?

We know. It may sound complicated at first, but this is why we created the developers’ help center with the all-you-need-to-know documentation and a list of frequently asked questions.


We built a simple application development process that will make it easy to code and allow you to submit your app information to the Unlimited Robotics team for review, approval and placement


Still feel you need help? No worries! Contact us at and one of our team members will respond shortly. You can also visit our Developers Center for more information.

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