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Robot Hackathon

for People with disabilities.

Join us for the first robotics hackathon for people with disabilities during May 17-18, 2022 and build business applications on Gary for people with physical disabilities to make an impact and change their day-to-day lives .

Ready? Set. Hackathon!

Want a chance to win a prize that is worth US$5,000 for you and your team? 

Apply to participate in the hackathon, build apps that may help people with disabilities using Gary, our robot - and make an impact. The chosen apps will be integrated into Gary, the company's service robot, and will be available to serve and support users and facilities around the world. 

May 17- 18 , 2022

Bring your team of 3-5 members and bring your best skills to build business apps for people with disabilities in a 48 hours' hackathon. 

Ono Academic College, Israel

Build the next generation of robotic applications for people with disabilities using expertise in one of the best schools in this industry in Israel. 

Winner's Prize: $5,000

Winners will win a prize worth US$5,000, in a form of 2 nights double stay for each team members in one of Tel Aviv finest hotels (full board). 

Transform your ideas into life-changing apps.

No more challenges in the process of robotic application development. Ever had an idea how to improve the life of people with physical disabilities? Want to build robotic applications for them to make their day to day lives easier? Apps that include help in wearing clothes or even shoes, arranging, picking up stuff from the floor, or bringing objects from place to place? Join the hackathon, start generating revenues and create the world of tomorrow. 

Apply for a chance to win US$5,000

Have you ever wanted to offer a functional solution for people with disabilities? Great! You can now build it on Gary and impact millions of people worldwide! 

Apply for the hackathon, and if your team wins your team will get a prize worth US$5,000! 

Applications deadline: April 10, 2022

Thank you! We will be in touch with you

Hackathon's general information 

We know. It may sound complicated at first, but this is why we created the developers’ help center with the all-you-need-to-know documentation and a list of frequently asked questions.


We built a simple application development process that will make it easy to code and allow you to submit your app information to the Unlimited Robotics team for review, approval and placement


Still feel you need help? No worries! Contact us at and one of our team members will respond shortly. You can also visit our Developers Center for more information.

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