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The perfect service robot for hospitals.

With Gary, the automated service robot for hospitals, the medical staff can focus on the patients and saving lives. No operationals worries. All in one device, which is easily operated and fully autonomous 24/7. 

Everything the hospital needs

in one robot 

Gary, our service robot, provides a all-in-one repository device with information and services that help in optimizing your patients' treatment. With a top notch technology we help in time-saving and operational cost saving. We significantly save on human labour by offering services such as cleaning, toilet sanitation and recommendations, thereby providing human staff with sufficient time to do other duties. Oh, and you can create your own special apps if you want.


Gary helps the doctors and nurses to get a clear image and communication with the patients, while the medical staff can be somewhere else and handle other urgent tasks.

Food Delivery to Bed

Gary navigates hallways and elevators to make deliveries of food and beverages, towels and more to the relevant patients' bed and rooms.

Textile Delivery to Bed

Gary autonomously navigates throught the department and provides towels, blankets, pillows and pijamas to the patients in bed, and save valueable time from the operational staff.  

Do More in Less Time. 

No more challenges in hiring the right employees, training them and managing their day to day tasks. The process of operation just became easier and simpler with robotic applications . Start using Gary as a multi purpose robot for cleaning, delivery and much more, and bring a premium experience to your guests. Gary helps clinical staff do more in less time. Routine and bording tasks completed quickly and easily, while perfomed in a totally autonomous way by Gary .

Focus on what's important: Your Patients.

You have an operational challenges?  Nothing should stop you when you have an autonomous robotic activity. Especially when this activity is made on one device which provides the best service and experience to your guests.  

Explore the Unlimited Possibilities

Check out real use cases in hospitals to learn more about the multifunctionality of Gary and how it helps the medical teams to improve their service. 

Improve your service

with a robot for hospitals

Get Gary to improve your business operability, on a fully autonomy, to bring your patients the best staying experience and over-and-over again while delivering a the state of the art service. Contact sales today.

Thank you! We will be in touch with you soon

Cleaning & Sanitaizing

Gary helps the operational and cleaning staff with its own cleaning, picking up toilet and objects and sanitizing the patients' and public toilets.

Directing Guests and Visitors

Gary can help with directing guests in different places around the premise, and carry your patients from place to place inside the hospital.  

Maintenance & Inspection

Gary can automatically navigates through the hospital hallways and report to the staff about debris, spills or other potential hazards on the floor to improve the patients experience.  

Multifunctional robot, made by humans. For humans. 

We designed Gary to include as many functionalities as possible to help and empower the medical teams to provide better service and experience to the patients and their families.  

With COVID-19 changing the hospital environments, Gary is adaptable to deliver PPE where and when they're needed, supporting frontline workers. 

Depth cameras w/ night vision capabilities, +20 sensors, an HD multi-touch screen & a powerful computer are the perfect combination that allows us to deliver any application you can only dream about.

Communicating with a robotic device has never been so easy. A unique interaction LED orchestra & powerful speakers that will enable Gary to interact with users in an intuitive and very friendly way.

Gary’s arms, which include smart sensors & a depth camera, were carefully designed to support and enable the performance of as many functions as possible, including picking up heavy materials, boxes, toys and even to bring you coffee to the table.

Gary’s 4 omni wheels, supported by Brushless DC motors and stable chassis, produce an ability to move up to 1.5 meters per second, to perform various maneuvers indoors, all in a stable, frictionless ride.

​A robot for the hospital to do the boring, repetitive tasks

With a simple deployment and integration set-up process, Gary will assist the medical teams to optimize the service for your paitents. 

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