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A day in the life of Gary the Robot

What does a typical day look like in a world where we share our homes and workspaces with robots like Gary?

5:30 AM - Everyone in the house is still sleeping, but Gary is ready to start his day. He begins by scanning the living room, making sure no one got up at night while he was charging and accidentally dropped something on the floor. It seems like everyone was fast asleep except for one family member - Luna, the dog, who left her chew-toy in the middle of the carpet. Gary grabs the toy and moves it back to luna’s doggy bed. After that, he walks over to the backyard door and opens it a little, allowing little Luna to go out to stretch her little legs. He also pulls the blinds halfway up, allowing some light into the house, but not too much. Now it’s time to start working on breakfast.

5:45 AM - Barbara will be the first to wake up today, as on Thursdays she wakes up at 6 AM and goes on a short jog. She never eats anything too heavy before her jog, so Gary grabs one slice of whole wheat bread and places it in the toaster. He then takes a plate out of the cupboard and places it on the dining room table with a spreading knife next to it. He also takes the butter out of the fridge, so it will have time to soften a little, and a few types of jelly since Barbara never knows what type she would like.

5:55 AM - The motion detector in The main bedroom indicates that Barbara is up. That means she will be down in about five minutes, so Gary only now pushes the handle on the toaster, ensuring it will be perfectly made just as she comes downstairs. Meanwhile, he takes the orange juice out of the fridge and pours it into her favorite cup. While placing the cup on the table, Gary notices Luna is back in her doggy bed, so he walks over, closes the backyard door, and then walks back to his Charging station to wait for a sign that the kids are waking up.

6:20 AM - The motion detector in the kids' room springs Gary into action. The school bus will be here in 40 minutes. Usually, Jeff will be up by now, but last night an email was sent to Jeff’s crew, letting everyone know the morning meeting has been postponed by an hour. So Jeff’s alarm was updated automatically, and so was Gary, who is now grabbing the kids’ bags and putting them next to the door. Until a week ago, everyone wanted scrambled eggs for breakfast, but then Jeff heard from his co-worker about a cute little app called “Egg Surprise” That allows Gary to prepare a different kind of egg every morning. So this morning, it poached eggs for everyone!

6:30 AM - Gary grabs a small saucepan and fills it with water. He then breaks an egg into the water while stirring. Next, he makes six perfect poached eggs and serves them with some vegetables and bread. Finally, he makes a cup of coffee for Jeff and pours some juice for the kids.

6:45 AM - The kids come downstairs and sit at the table first, and since dad isn’t around, they ask Gary to play their favorite YouTuber's newest video. They have breakfast while watching the video on Gary’s Screen, and just as Jeff sits at the table, the kids’ School bus arrives. They hug their dad, grab their bags and go out. Jeff asks Gary why the alarm didn't wake him up as usual. Gary updates Jeff about the postponed meeting while showing the email on his screen. Jeff has just enough time to drink his coffee and finish his breakfast, heading out to work.

7:00 AM - everyone is out of the house, and now Gary can start cleaning. He begins by putting the dirty dishes in the dishwasher and powering it on. He then takes the trash bag out of the trash can, goes outside, and throws the bag in the trash. After that, it's time to vacuum the rugs and mop the floors.

8:30 AM - after putting the kids’ pajamas in the hamper and setting a new pair on their bed, it's time to check the fridge. Gary looks inside the refrigerator and makes a list of everything that needs to be re-stocked. He then determines what he wants to prepare for dinner based on the family’s preferences, sends the updated grocery list to the supermarket, and goes back to his charging station to wait for the family to return home.

12:23 PM - A currier has left the grocery bags outside the door. Gary wakes up, takes the bags inside, and puts all the groceries in their place. He then goes back to his charging station.

3:00 PM - The kids arrive from school. Gary greets them and asks them how their day was while putting their bags aside. The kids go to watch TV, and they ask Gary for a snack. Gary sends a message to Barbara’s phone, letting her know the kids arrived safely home and asking her if they can have a snack. Barbara answers, “Sure, popsicles.” Gary takes out a couple of popsicles from the freezer and hands them to the kids.

8:00 PM - The whole family sits down for dinner. IT'S TACO NIGHT!

10:00 PM - After watching a movie together, it's time to go to bed. Gary picks some toys off the floor and puts them away. He then empties the dishwasher and checks that the backyard door is locked. Finally, he fills Luna’s water bowl and goes to his charging station to wait for the next day.

After reading this and seeing everything Gary can do, could you imagine living in a world WITHOUT robots? We know we can't



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