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A Robot in a China Shop

If you visit the Museum of Ancient Art in Turin, your tour guide could be a robot!

The Civic Gallery of Modern and Contemporary Art (GAM) and City Museum of Ancient Art (Palazzo Madama) in the Italian city of Turin held an exciting experiment lately, one that combines the old with the new in a fascinating way. Visitors to these museums were surprised to find out that their tour guide through the museum is a short humanoid robot named R1. This smiley robotic guide took the visitors through the exhibits and explained each piece in detail, Being extra careful while going through the ancient china exhibition.

In addition to providing information on the exhibits, The robotic tour guide could also respond to inquiries about the various artists or the historical era to which the piece belongs. All this was made possible thanks to 5G connectivity, which allowed all the complex navigation and movement calculations to be made on a powerful computer, relaying the information and instructions to the robot in real-time.

More and more establishments are seeing the advantages of incorporating robots into their workforce. In addition to being reliable and able to work around the clock without needing to take a break, they are also considered a novelty (at this stage in history). They elevate the mundane to an exciting experience just by being there. We hope to see more robotic guides being introduced at museums worldwide in the near future.



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