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Employee Spotlight: Tal Diamant

We want you to know the team behind Gary and Ra-Ya. So this week's spotlight goes to one of our favorites: The glue of our team - Tal.

  • What is your Name?: Tal Diamant

  • What is your position in Unlimited Robotics? Mechanical design engineer and integration.

  • What did you study? B.Sc in mechanical engineering.

  • Why did you want to work in robotics? Since I can remember, I have had a passion for the robotics world, and the main reason I decided to study mechanical engineering is that I wanted to work in a company that develop robots and takes part in the "new world";. challenge and the complexity of the world of robotics.

  • What are you working on Today? I'm in charge of Gary's assemblies, and also taking part on design new parts for Gary..

  • How do you take your coffee? Only black coffee for me, "Hot water, small glass".

  • If we sent Gary over to your house Today, what is the first thing you would like him to help you with? Without a doubt clean my house especially the windows, I have a huge windows in my apartment and I never clean them.

  • What is your favorite robot in pop culture? Gary is the only robots i have in mind..

  • What food makes you happy? Meat, meat, meat, a lot of meat especially when I make the meat..

  • Where do you see Gary in five years?

Five years from now, gary will be one of the most talked about robots; we are definitely making a change in the robotics field and making this field much more accessible to everyone. There is no doubt that in five years we will see gary takes a huge part in household chores.



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