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Robot builders save lives!

Construction is a dangerous job. It's time to let robots take over the risky parts.

Construction has always been dangerous. It involves climbing to high places, using heavy or sharp tools, and dealing with harmful materials on a daily basis. Take, for example, drywall finishing; it involves all the dangerous aspects we talked about. Workers need to carry heavy equipment to high places while applying potentially harmful materials to the walls and then sanding them to a smooth finish, which covers the workers in a fine powder, that is highly harmful when inhaled.

Canvas is a new type of robot that addresses all these issues and is able to fully replace a human worker while lowering the risks to any other human in the building. For example, this robot can apply one thick layer of coating to drywall, as opposed to the several thin layers humans usually use, with very high precision. It can also reach high places without the need for ladders or scaffolds. In addition, it can sand the drywall while simultaneously vacuuming all the fine powder, so the risk of inhalation is pretty much eliminated.

More and more construction companies worldwide are turning to robot workers, who can not only perform the jobs on the highest level but can, more importantly, reduce the risks of injury or death on the construction site and sometimes eliminate that risk entirely.



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