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Robot learns to walk by himself!

This little Doggy-bot figured out walking in about one hour!

Humans are bipedal (meaning they walk on two legs), which is a very complicated way of moving around. That is why you rarely see two-legged animals in the wild. Aside from humans, very few animals walk around on two legs, like kangaroos (That actually use all four limbs to walk around and only use two legs while jumping) or birds (that usually fly from place to place). It takes a human baby about a year and a half to start walking, while most quadrupeds only take a few minutes to an hour.

Well, now it takes robots about the same time to learn how to walk. This dog looking robot figured out walking all by himself in around sixty minutes! Starting on his back, the first few minutes were dedicated to uncontrollable flayling but then the robot managed to flip himself the right way up. Then, slowly but surely, the robot-dog started figuring out which leg needs to go where in order to start moving forward, and after sixty minutes he was fully walking around the room.

Although It's not the first time a robot has learned to walk using artificial intelligence. This little robot learnt the skill totally in the real world, unlike earlier robots that did it through trial and error over countless simulation rounds. What a champ!



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