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Gary: A Robot on a Mission

Androids are no longer limited to science fiction — they are here today!

Robots have been one of humanity’s biggest dreams. The idea of a humanoid machine doing our work for us is as ancient as civilization itself. But what started as myth and then turned into science fiction is finally becoming a reality.

Advances in electronics, engineering, and artificial intelligence are reaching a singularity; A point in history where we can finally build an actual walking, talking, thinking, autonomous machine that can make decisions, perform tasks and even engage in conversation with us. Androids are no longer limited to science fiction — they are here today!

One such robot is our very own “Gary.”

Gary is a 140cm (4’5'’) tall robot designed from the ground up to perform pretty much any task a human being could do. He is fully capable of self-navigation, object recognition, item manipulation, and so much more. Using a pair of sophisticated robotic arms, Gary can reach out and engage with the world around him. He can grab, hold, lift, twist, push, pull and perform most tasks a human being can do, and sometimes ones that humans can’t (can you extend the length of your arm or move your shoulder down your body? Well, Gary can!).

This sets Gary apart from other robots that are available on the market today. These robots can only perform one task — vacuuming the floor, Organizing warehouses, entertaining children, etc. Gary is in a whole different category of robots called service Robots. These robots can be programmed to perform a wide range of tasks and operate autonomously without supervision.

From making the beds in a hotel room to delivering hot meals in a nursing home to putting your dirty dishes in the dishwasher, Gary can do it all.

But it’s not all Artificial intelligence and Machine learning. A lot of Gary’s Abilities come from Gary’s “secret formula” called ‘Ra-Ya’.

Ra-Ya is a universal platform that enables software developers to build and create applications for robots without having previous knowledge in robotics. It is a simple and intuitive tool that allows ANYONE with basic coding skills to develop an app for Gary as quickly as developing an app for iPhone or Android. This platform enables the creation of a community of developers with unlimited potential. Developers from around the world can create unique applications that allow Gary to perform a wide variety of tasks, while users can access those applications from Gary’s own App Store. Think of it as “Android for Androids.” apps can be developed by anyone, published on the app store, and then bought by customers worldwide, while Gary gains more and more abilities and learns how to perform more and more tasks.

Robots are here, and they are ready to serve us wherever and whenever we need them. They will make our lives easier and help us in every aspect of our lives. The only question is when will YOU join the robotic revolution.

If you find this interesting or have any feedback on the above — We, at Unlimited Robotics, will be happy to hear from you. Just visit our website and leave a message. One of us will come back to you:



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